Robotics Workshops for Teachers


Makerspaces are making their way into K12! A makerspace is a place that provides access to equipment, community, and education for the purpose of designing, prototyping, and creating. In a school, it can be a great space for students to learn 21st century skills like collaborating, creating, critically thinking, and communicating. It can also be a perfect spot for STEM education, combining foundations of science, technology, engineering, and math.

Robotics is one potential focus for a makerspace in K12. In a robotics makerspace, students assemble, program, and operate robots, often challenging themselves and each other to make their robots perform increasingly complex tasks. Not only do students learn about the components that make up robots, such as motors and sensors, they also experience concepts such as electricity in a hands-on way in order to understand such things in the larger world around them. Furthermore, students learn to program, an increasingly important skill in today’s technological society. The sense of accomplishment along with the skills that students gain when they build and program robots, make robotics a great option for any K12 makerspace.

If you would like to experience robotics for yourself to see if it would be a good fit for your school, we offer a three hour hands-on workshop in which you get to assemble, program, and operate a robot, complete with a mini competition at the end.

This workshop can be customized for teachers, including media specialists, students, or a variety of other audiences. It can be taught on-site as well.

Cost: $60

Check current workshop offerings and registration information here.