Professional Development

Our professional development services begin with a conversation about school improvement needs. Based on identified needs, services are then customized, including content and materials. Professional development can be delivered on site during teacher planning times or before or after school. Within the chosen PD focus, services are further differentiated as teacher needs are identified early in PD sessions. Often the PD occurs over several days spread out once a month over the course of a semester or entire year, including summers if requested. RAIL faculty boast a wide range of knowledge and expertise in education and technology. Some popular topics include:


Follow up support is often coupled with professional development services in the form of on site sessions in which teachers ask questions regarding recently learned and implemented content. When the RAIL faculty partner with a school or system for PD services, support also includes access to faculty expertise via phone, email, or face-to-face meeting. Support most commonly provided includes:

  • Instructional
    • Partnering with teachers, including school librarians, to generate ideas and develop instructional activities and materials
    • Partnering with district/school level instructional technology staff
    • Technology equipment loaning
    • Video conferencing
    • Classroom visits and implementation support
  • Technical
    • Partnering with district/school level technical staff
    • Setting up and supporting district wide content management systems
    • District/school infrastructure analysis, reports, and recommendations
    • App development
  • Administrative
    • Partnering with administrators to celebrate professional development content implementation
    • Assistance with grant writing
    • Technology recommendations and previews
    • Technology initiative consulting
    • Cross-district resource sharing and advisement

Other services include:


Consulting services can be as informal or formal as needed. We can advise on a number of areas regarding technology integration in K-12 schools and classrooms including infrastructure, roll-out, professional development, classroom management, and lessons.

Model Lessons

As it is not always obvious how to integrate technology into particular grade levels and subject areas, RAIL faculty are happy to come to your school to teach model lessons that teachers can observe followed by a debriefing session.

Video Conferencing

RAIL possesses video conferencing technology that can be used by patrons in a range of ways. RAIL can provide the space and technology for your video conferencing needs (e.g., virtual meetings) and can also deliver services such a professional development via video conferencing.

Technology Previewing and Checkout

RAIL serves as a technology preview (or try-before-you-buy) site for a number of educational technologies. We also have a library of technologies we make available for checkout to K-12 schools such as laptops, digital cameras, document cameras, projectors, wireless slates, and more.

Private Tutoring

Private tutoring on a myriad of technology tools can be scheduled M-F between the hours of 8-5pm as availability allows. Please see our tutoring page for more information.

Georgia Movie Academy PD and Support

RAIL serves as a coordinator for the Northeast Georgia region for the Georgia Movie Academy, a K-12 student-produced video competition. For more information, please see the GMA page.

Moodle Installation, PD, and Support

We offer a range of Moodle services including installation on local school servers, updating versions and users as needed, and professional development for administrators and teachers. Please see our Moodle page for more information.

Testing Site and Proctoring

Our computer lab and classroom space is an ideal, sterile space for testing. We provide proctoring for the EOCT and hosting for the CRCT and other assessments for virtual schools.

Guest Speaker/Lecturer

If your group is in need of a guest speaker in the area of educational technology, RAIL faculty can provide exciting, interactive sessions to update participants on the latest and greatest trends and tools.

Conference Presentations

RAIL faculty offer relevant and interactive conference presentations on a large variety of educational technology topics.