UGA ETC is now RAIL Outreach!

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Research for the Advancement of Innovative Learning

A research and outreach unit in the Department of Career and Information Studies at The University of Georgia

RAIL Outreach faculty work collaboratively with school systems to provide professional development, consulting, and service to educators in Georgia and beyond to promote the appropriate use of technology in support of teaching, learning, and leadership.

2014-2015 Classes:

Online Tech for TKES

Robotics Workshop for Teachers

Programming Workshop for Teachers

3D Printing Workshop for Teachers

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Some of our main activities include:

  • K-12 educators: Providing professional development and implementation support
  • K-12 school systems: Assisting with solutions, recommendations, examples, grants, and evaluations
  • UGA College of Education faculty, staff, and students: Providing educational technology professional development, support, and consulting.

RAIL Outreach partnerships begin with a conversation about the organization’s needs. Based on identified needs, center services are then customized, including content and materials. Please see our services page to see a specific list of offerings.

To get started, contact us to discuss your needs and collaboratively develop custom, creative solutions.